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More than half of households in the city rent their housing. Half of us who rent are paying more than 30% of our income to pay for housing, and one in four of us are paying more than half of our income just to keep a roof over our heads. We have some of the least affordable rental housing in the country according to median income, and for many of us, safe, affordable housing is out of reach.
The housing that is available to us at a price we can barely afford is often riddled with habitability issues: mold, pests, lack of heat or hot water, leaking pipes, faulty wiring. Each year, 150,000 Baltimore families struggling to afford safe housing are summoned to walk through “the eviction pipeline” at Baltimore City rent court, and as many as 7,000 of those families are ultimately evicted.

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The court is very efficient at collecting debt and evicting renters. But we can’t sacrifice justice for the sake of efficiency. Demanding that the court hold up standards of justice and dignity will allow us to wage a real fight for renters’ human rights!

We need to strengthen and grow the movement for safe, adequate, affordable housing for all, through raising awareness of the issues renters are facing every day. We’re fighting for changes at the City and State level to transform Rent Court to a place where renters can access justice, so we can keep those 7,000 Families in their homes.


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