July 13th: “race and gender oppression in baltimore rent court” an event with BRJA and 7KF

BRJA FlyerEach year, on average, Baltimore City judicially evicts 7,000 families due to non-payment of rent. The Public Justice Center and the Right to Housing Alliance conducted a study to understand how renters fair when they defend themselves in the city’s “Rent Court.” We will present data from the study to show how the judicial process itself prioritizes landlords’ bottom line, at the expense of renters’ (94% of whom are Black and 80% of whom are women) stability and security. Join Right to Housing Alliance, Public Justice Center, Bristol House Tenant Association, and Jews United for Justice to discuss how the court’s systemic failure to ensure housing justice perpetuates housing insecurity among the city’s Black communities.

Wednesday, July 13
at 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM

American Brewery
1701 N Gay Street, Baltimore, MD 21213

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7KF Campaign at Red Emma’s Bookstore Coffeehouse

RedemmasCome learn about the 7,000 Families Campaign and what we are doing to transform Baltimore City Rent Court, and to find out how you can get involved! We’ll have updates from our visit to Annapolis that morning.

Friday, Feb 12th at 7:30pm

Red Emma’s Bookstore Coffeehouse
30 W. North Avenue
Baltimore, MD

7,000 Families Campaign partners include Right to Housing Alliance, Public Justice Center, Chase House, Baltimore Bloc, Bristol House Tenant Association, and Jews United for Justice.

Fairness and Integrity for Renters Bill Press Conference and Hearing

12357219_1054850857878814_3662620887204492218_oWe have a hearing with the Baltimore City House Delegation to seek their support for the Fairness and Integrity for Baltimore City Renters bill – our bill to transform Rent Court. We’ll be holding a press conference right before the hearing next Friday and we need as many folks as possible to show strong support.

We need you there to show that Baltimoreans want
a Rent Court that’s about justice, not just debt collection.

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Vintage Renter Story: Victory for the Bells

SharonNolanZafarOn August 6th Henry and Sharon Bell walked out of court with a judgement for rent abatement and damages from their landlord, Toriano C. Martin. They have been to court five times since May, which is a long road–one that is so frustrating that most tenants just give up–to get justice. The Bells have been living in their home on West Cold Spring Lane for nine years, raising five children there. Henry Bell is a veteran and currently works in juvenile justice in Baltimore City. Sharon has worked as a phlebotomist, and is considering getting back into the field.

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7,000 Families Town Hall at Liberty Rec

bemasonmeetingInterested in getting involved with the 7,000 Families Campaign but want to know more about the issues and what you can do to help?

We’re proud to be offering a Town Hall to discuss the findings of our Justice Diverted report, recommendations for fixing a broken Rent Court, and hearing from community members about the issues they face as renters.

Join us at Liberty Rec & Tech on February 20th and be part of the solution for Baltimore renters.

Saturday, February 20th
2 pm
3901 Maine Avenue

7,000 Families Campaign

12314409_1054498924580674_2675961442597888777_oWelcome to the 7,000 Families Campaign blog. This is where you can stay up to date on what we’re up to: community meetings, legislative hearings, renters stories, court watch, and all manner of business in the fight for fairness and integrity in Baltimore City’s Rent Court.

If you are a renter in Baltimore and have ever struggled to pay rent, you may have interacted with Rent Court. Our 2015 “Justice Diverted” report based on a year-long study of practices shows that the court is broken, and the 7,000 Families Campaign is gearing up to fix it. We’re trying to restore fairness and integrity to a court that prioritizes debt collection over our right to safe and habitable housing.

Join the campaign, stay in the loop, and fight to keep 7,000 Families in their homes!