The 7,000 Families Campaign

The 7,000 Families Campaign is a coalition of grassroots groups, housing advocates, community organizations, and attorneys teaming up to fix Baltimore’s broken Rent Court system and stop the eviction crisis.
Join us! If you or your church, school, neighborhood association, or community organization want to team up to fight for Baltimore renters, contact us at or sign on as a supporter of the 7,000 Families Campaign!

7,000 families campaign

Campaign Partners

Chase House

Chase House is RAD affected building located in Mt. Vernon. Residents voted to join the 7,000 Families Campaign as they are transitioning to private ownership this year and want to strengthen their rights as renters.

Baltimore Bloc

A grassroots collective of friends, families & neighborhoods united to rebuild communities & organize for kujichagulia.

Public Justice Center

The Public Justice Center works with people and communities to confront the laws, practices, and institutions that cause injustice, poverty, and discrimination.

Right to Housing Alliance

Right to Housing Alliance is a grassroots housing justice organization led by residents impacted by the affordable housing crisis in Baltimore.

Jews United for Justice

Drawing on a tradition of Jewish commitment to justice and the talents and dedication of our leaders, Jews United for Justice is a grassroots community that seeks to repair the world by concentrating on issues of local concern.

Individual Supporters

Baari Shabazz, Emma Williams, Chris A. Mitchell, Caloin Taylor, Joyce Hudson, Jennie M. Johnson, Mary Newbill, Walter Bell, Lanita M. Wilkins

Organizational Supporters

Leaders of a Beautiful Struggle

Leaders of a Beautiful Struggle (LBS) is a grassroots think-tank which advances the public policy interest of Black people in Baltimore.

Park Heights Angel

Park Heights Angel Incorporated is a non-profit provider of affordable housing and related services in the greater Park Heights area of Baltimore City.

Power Inside

Power Inside is a human rights and harm reduction organization that serves women and girls who are survivors of gender-based violence and oppression.